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Considering Owning More Than One Cat? Posted on 03 Aug 19:09 , 0 comments

Have you been considering getting another cat? Well for many people, a single cat is the ideal situation. However, for others, cats seem to be like potato chips. They can’t stop with just one! This is partly because there are so many wonderful cat breeds and partly because most cats enjoy the companionship of other cats. […]

How To Choose The Right Cat Breed For Your Family Posted on 03 Aug 19:02 , 0 comments

There are so many different cat breeds. So how can you decide which breed is right for you and your family? Follow the tips below to narrow down your selections! The first thing you should consider is whether you will be able to handle having a vocal cat. Some cat breeds can actually be quite noisy […]

How To Give Your Cat Medication Posted on 03 Aug 18:44 , 0 comments

There are times in every cat’s life when he will need to take medication of some sort.  Cat owners who have been through this know how hard it can be getting the cat to cooperate.  So below are a few suggestions that may help in your endeavor. The first choice is to hide medication in […]

5 Tips For Quickly House Training Your Cat Posted on 03 Aug 18:05 , 0 comments

Many new cat owners really struggle with their cat house training and if they don’t go about it in the right way from the beginning, this can be very frustrating. The first step in training should be trying to understand how your cat thinks, why she does the things she does, what motivates her. This […]

Surprised Kitty Posted on 03 Aug 11:13 , 0 comments

Cats Versus Kids Posted on 03 Aug 10:48 , 0 comments

The Scardy Cats Posted on 02 Aug 22:37 , 0 comments

6 Behaviors That All Cats Share Posted on 02 Aug 21:46 , 0 comments

There are behaviors that many cats share but you might not know the logic behind them. Below are 6 behaviors that all cats share along with characteristics and explanations as to why your cat may perform them so you can better understand what you cat is trying to tell you. Behavior # 1: Moving Their Ears A cat’s ears […]

3 Simple Tips For Traveling With Your Cat Posted on 02 Aug 17:48 , 0 comments

Some cats enjoy traveling where others do not.  Tt really depends on your cat’s personality! Traveling can either be easy or difficult task when you have your cat in tow. There are different ways that you can travel and there are also different things that you need to consider with each mode of transportation. So […]

Basic Tips For Grooming Your Cat Posted on 02 Aug 17:45 , 0 comments

Grooming is also a big part of having a cat. Just as you get a shower every day, do your hair, and whatever else your grooming entails, your cat needs to be groomed as well. Although you don’t need to bathe your cat on a daily basis, there are other things that need to be […]
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