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About the Author & Editor, Rachel

Meet Rachel, the writer and editor behind the delightful Just Love Cats magazine! With a lifelong passion for all things feline, she’s dedicated to sharing her love for our furry friends with the world. With a degree in English Literature, she’s the purr-fect person to bring you heartwarming stories, informative articles, and the latest trends in cat care.

Rachel’s love for cats began at an early age when her sister rescued her first kitten, Mellow (ironic name… a more accurate name would have been Tornado).  Since then, her feline family has grown, and her love for cats has only deepened. Rachel’s mission is to create a magazine that brings joy, inspiration, and valuable information to cat lovers everywhere.

In her free time, Rachel can be found volunteering at her local animal shelter, where she helps socialize cats and kittens to prepare them for their forever homes. She also enjoys video games, pickleball, hiking, and riding her bike when the weather permits! 

About the Artist, Serena

Notice the similarities? That’s right, Serena & Rachels aren’t just best friends but sisters too. As Rachel’s older sister, Serena was the one responsible for cleaning up after Mellow’s many curious adventures around the house!

Serena is also the talented digital artist and powerhouse behind the vibrant and captivating artwork you see in each issue. She’s sort of the Pablo Picatso of the company. She also came up with the idea to challenge herself by providing a completely different art style on each page!

She holds a degree in Digital Arts and has honed her skills through various creative projects over the years. Her love for cats and her sister’s vision for Just Love Cats magazine inspired her to lend a hand in creating what they hope to one day be the #1 cat magazine in the digital world! 

Serena enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her beloved rescue, Luna, who has become her muse and a constant source of inspiration. Her expertise in various digital art styles (and Luna’s knack for striking silly poses on a daily basis) allows her to create unique illustrations that keep the magazine fresh and engaging for readers every month. 

As a self-prescribed comic nerd, she’s hoping to release a series of cat-themed comics in the future (which will all be available for free to subscribers of Just Love Cats Magazine!)


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